Jintae Joo
Suwon Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Creative Director
content producer
Web Developer
​​​​​​​Jintae Joo's professional journey began in 2005 when he joined Seotaiji Company Co., Ltd in Gangnam, Seoul, initially as a web programmer and server administrator. This role allowed Joo to develop a strong foundation in digital technologies and web management within the music industry.
A pivotal moment in Joo's career came in 2008, coinciding with the release of Seotaiji's 8th album. Joo composed music for the album's teaser promotion event, a contribution that caught Seotaiji's attention and revealed Joo's potential as a content creator. This discovery marked the beginning of Joo's transition into media creation and music production.
From 2008 onwards, Joo's role at Seotaiji Company expanded significantly. He became involved in multimedia production, taking on responsibilities that included directing video content, performing audio engineering for both stereo and 5.1 mixing, and producing post-album media. His work during this period included remastering Seotaiji and Boys' '93 and '95 concert videos, demonstrating his growing expertise in audio-visual production.
This transition from web programming to media creation set the stage for Joo's subsequent career developments, including his role as Creative Director at Spotlight Ent from 2011 to 2015, and his later work as a freelance designer and producer. It also laid the groundwork for his eventual debut as a solo artist with 'themilliways' in 2021.
Joo's journey illustrates a unique career path that blends technical expertise with creative talent, showing how skills in one area can open unexpected doors in another, leading to a rich and multifaceted career in the music and multimedia industries.
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